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Do you want to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction?  Does this interest you?  Impact your bottom line?   I would think yes.

As I’m sure you know, First Call Resolution is a hot topic these days. Why?  Because it costs you not only in customers–current, future and potential–but it costs you employees as well. In other words, it directly impacts your bottom line.

Do you measure it?  And if so, how?

Do you know that best practices is 86%? That means 14% of customers are calling more than once, more than twice. Do you know what that costs your organization?  I do.

It could easily be hundreds of thousands of dollars.  And your employees?  Do you know your turnover stats?  It costs over $8500 to bring on a new hire today.  And most who leave do so in the first year.

We have fact filled, latest information called The Expert’s Guide to Customer Service:  First Call Resolution at including :

Surveys/Reports/Best Practices

How to Measure FCR

Formula for Repeat Calls

Common Techniques

Benefits of FCR

Metrics Impacted

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