How to Leverage Customer Service to Increase Sales and Customer Loyalty.

I’m being interviewed on a teleseminar on Wednesday, Sept 15th at 1 pm EST.

We all know that customer service plays:

  • a significant role in the delivery of our products and/or services, and
  • an even bigger role in building the loyalty and satisfaction of our clients after a purchase is made.

Is there a role for customer service even before the selling cycle begins? What might that be? How do we offer service to people we haven’t met and build a personal relationship that will lead first to a sale and then to a testimonial from a raving fan?

How do you leverage what you know about customer service to drive sales and increase customer commitment?

Please participate in the Customer Service Assessment so we can include your requests/requirements. The purpose of this assessment is to gain an understanding of your customer service challenges and gain insight to how we can help you leverage the delivery of customer service in order to increase your sales. The assessment will only take you about 5 – 10 minutes to complete. Enjoy! .  Do it now or just sign up for the teleseminar at


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